Amazon Vs Clickbank-Which network should an affiliate choose for niche site?

clickbank vs amazonEarning residual money has been made easier with the emergence of online affiliate network sites. The two most popular affiliate network websites that have been singled out to be the most competitive for affiliates and online purchasers are Amazon and ClickBank.

However, you want to know the right site that will help maximize your earnings that come as commissions. The big and most intriguing question many people ask is which of the two sites present the best opportunity to earn higher commission? The debate on whether Amazon or ClickBank is the best affiliate program elicits sharp opinions that often boil down to the amount of commission and rates that one is eligible to. While Amazon has been lauded for its multiplicity and specificity of products, ClickBank enthusiasts boast about the huge commission rates that are in excess of 75%.

As you may well be aware, ClickBank concentrates on the sale of mainly downloadable product, including eBooks, software, and video courses. A typical product on ClickBank sells at between $27 and $100, but you can find cheaper or slightly more expensive products that sell on the site. For affiliates, the low price for products consists of the high earnings or commission that are approximately 75% of the total sale price.

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How to build a niche site perfectly with WordPress

wordpress setup for niche siteThere are numerous options when it comes to choosing a content management system and there are a lot of choices out there. WordPress is known to be a hosted web service that was developed on the trendy open source blog as well as site tool creation tool available.

WordPress is free as in ‘free speech’. It is being distributed under General Public License (GNU). This comes in handy for the reason that updates, improvements, as well as enhancements are not dependent on any particular group or company. It is also free from commercial limitations and restrictions, unlike other website building tools. This implies that you can utilize the software anyway you choose and also host your site anywhere you have chosen.

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The On-Page SEO optimization you need in 2014


If you are want to increase the traffic and ranking of your website, and then it’s necessary to think about search engine optimization. It’s one of the internet marketing ways that help you improve your website and therefore your business as well. There are two major techniques available in the case of SEO. These are on-page optimization and off-page optimization. A combination of both techniques is important to ensure that search engines recognize your website and rank higher in those search engine results. Most people make the mistake of only concentrating on off-page optimization, where they need to get more back links for the promotion of their website. Even though it may increase ranking in one or two weeks, there is always going to be the problem of link spam. When you consider what the major search engines, especially Google, look for, they tend to favour organic link building and search results.

So, an excess of inorganic links may result in your website getting penalized. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to concentrate on on-page optimization as well. Most website owners are ready to offer high quality content for other websites. But, they fail to think about the content quality of their own website. When a search engine crawls your website, it checks for the quality of your content and tags. In the case of on-page optimization, it is enough to spend one or two hours to optimize your website.

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The ultimate guide to keyword research for a niche site

keyword research for niche siteKeyword research is one of the most valuable techniques that you can use for your internet marketing campaign. Proper keyword research will help you unlock the door to a great number of customers searching online for your products, services as well as vital details about your business. Keyword research is normally used in search engine optimization (SEO). Using the right keywords conducted through effective keyword research can bring better results to your online business.

Accurately researched keyword can unlock serious power for your business. It helps you pay attention to your on-page SEO campaigns in order to draw more visitors to your site. Proper keyword research will also allow you to identify and make use of the best keywords via your off-page search marketing campaigns, especially in competitive keyword markers. This is particularly important in showing you keywords that you can rank. Additionally, proper keyword analysis can play a key role in niche site marketing campaigns. This will help you save a lot of money by reducing your time and energy. It can also enable you to identify the best keywords that convert better than others. You should not ignore the value of time.

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